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Fire Prevention and Inspection Course.

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The Rapid Intervention Crew (RIC)

Fire Department to Dispatch
Citizens to Cardiac Emergencies - CA

Pay for Services seems to be a future application
FDNY & NYC Ambulances trying the concept
Updated 02-06-2011

First-Ever Statewide Volunteer Firefighter
Recruitment Effort - New York


2010 Firefighter Fatalities & Statistics

Glen Woodbury Shares Lessons Learned
Future Emergency Management Trends

New Resuscitation Techniques Arizonia.
Update 01/04/11 also New York

2010 Memorial Highlights
Updated 2010 services well worth viewing
RIP all LODD's

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Tour Alaska
A great Alaska flight.
Traveling Alaska our 2007 vacation


To NYS Fire Departments        To Teaching and Training Courses

Apparatus Crashes
Emergency vehicle missteps

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