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Date posted
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Name of the Report Type of file
06/19/17 Fire Department Overall Run Profile FEMA (2014) PDF
06/19/17 Multifamily Residential Building Fires FEMA (2013-2015) PDF
06/19/17 One- and Two-Family Residential Building Fires FEMA (2013-2015) PDF
06/19/17 Residential Building Fires FEMA (2013-2015) PDF
06/12/17 Fact Sheet = Confined Spaces (NFPA 03/06/17) PDF
06/12/17 FireFighter Cancer Fact Check (Firefighter Cancer Support Network 03/31/17) PDF
06/12/17 U.S. Fire Department Profile 2015 (NFPA Hylton J.G. Haynes Gary P. Stein April 2017) PDF
06/12/17 An Overview of the U.S. Fire Problem (NFPA March 13, 2017) PDF
06/12/17 Fires in Structures Under Construction, Undergoing Major Renovation, or Being Demolished (NFPA Richard Campbell April 2017) PDF
06/12/17 Guide to Healthy Fire Service Meetings (Assistance to Firefighters Grant (AFG) 2014) PDF
04/07/17 U.S. Volunteer Firefighter Injuries 2012-2014 February 2016 NFPA PDF
04/07/17 Trends and Patterns of U.S. Fire Loss January 2017 NFPA PDF
04/07/17 UFF Position Statement: Fire Behavior and Tactical Considerations September 2014 Urban Fire Forum PDF
04/07/17 BULLETIN = Firefighter Protective Hoods January 27, 2017 NFPA PDF
04/07/17 Lithium ion battery safety 2016 NFPA PDF
04/07/17 An Overview of the U.S. Fire Problem FACT SHEET 2010-2014 NFPA PDF
04/07/17 Fire in the United States 2005-2014 January 2017 FEMA PDF
04/07/17 Fire Department Overall Run Profile 2014 PDF
04/07/17 2016 Fire Service Technology Summit July 24-26, 2016 PDF

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