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Kolb's 2016 year

Matthew Deep Sea Fishing off the California Coast Dogs playing in the front yard.
Poly and Taser playing in the back yard.

Kolb's 2014 year

Poly bringing in the mail Matthews Rainbow of Friends
a 2nd Grade Song Fest
2014 Chili E Fest Clubhouse Fun Center 07-06-14
Matthew and Cameron

Cuffs, one great dog 2013

Kolb's 2013 year

Jack playing with Grampa Sprint Car Races at Harrisburg, PA
Matthew & Cameron building the Home Depot
wooden truck at the Henrietta store.
Jack and Poly playing
Poly at Dog Classes Poly helping Gramps with his excersises
Short Poly Videos

Kolb's 2012 year

NFFF dinner benefit Brigget and Andrew's Wedding
Re's Birthday Present Macey at Hydrotherapy
One of Matthew's Birthday Presents

Kolb's 2010 year

Matthews Easter stuff Fireworks at the Navy Pier in Chicago, IL.
Christine’s Wedding Re's News 10 Interview

Kolb's 2009 year

Granddog's at Grandma's house

The Kennedy Space Center 2008

Kolb's 2008 year

Fireworks at Disney World's Epcot SeaWorld Adventure Park Orlando, FL
Jack playing with a big ball. Jack's Jumping Class
Christmas at Julies Fire Recruit Class58 Videos

Kolb's 2007 year

Cuffs opening his Christmas present Cuffs opening another Christmas present A tour of Julie's wood stove room

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