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Water Supply

Water Supply Analysis

Flow tests are conducted to establish capabilities of water supply systems. The objective of the flow test is to establish quantity (gpm) and pressure available from a particular system.

Evaluation (flow tests) should be conducted after extensive water main improvements, after extensions have been made, or at least every five years if there have been no changes. (deterioration of pipes, population increases)

Available water supply may be determined from:

  1. Flow Tests - graphical analysis
  2. Mathematical Calculations - Hazen Williamís Formula
    Qa = Qt (Ps - Pa/Ps-Pr) .54
  3. Nomograph - based on Hazen Williamís

Flow tests include actual measurement of static and residual pressures and flow from hydrants. These measurements are plugged into the formula:
         Q = (29.83) (Cd) (d) 2 (square root P)

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