Area 1

The 1974 Lockport Municipal Building stands facing the 1914 Big Bridge.  The Bridge is 294 ft. long and 399 ft. wide.

Lockport Manicipal Building

Previous buildings were the Lockport Fire Headquartes, Lox Plaza, Kenmore Hotel, Judson House, Tenbrooks and numerous merchants.

The first hotel was The Lockport House, a one story comfortable hotel, boasting a lighted starway and landing to the canal to allow boats to disembark passengers.

On November 2, 1854 Lockport's most disastrous fire occurred on this spot.  Starting from a knocked over oil lamp at the Lockport House.  It spread to the north and east.  Eventually, with the aid of two fire engines brought from Buffalo on flat cars on the railroad, it was extinguished, but not until 3 hotels, 2 churches, 18 stores, 8 houses and a barn were cunsumed.

During the 10 year expansion of the canal and the growth of the railroad (1908-1918) the Cottage Street Bridge was combined with the West end Bridge to form the now "Big Bridge".

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