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Mercantile Occupancies

Facilities where a large variety of goods and services are displayed and sold.  Included are shopping centers, department stores, drugstores, supermarkets, gas stations, malls, etc.

Requiring more thorough inspection than any other occupancy.  The majority of materials found will be class A yielding a light hazard occupancy.  However, some stores have a wide verity of products that will react differently in a fire.

NFPA 101 seperates merchantile occupancies into three (3) categories:

One half of the exits must be provided so that they can be reached without having to go through turnstiles and checkout stands.

No occupant should have to travel more than 100 ft. to the nearest exit.  And 150 ft. if the building is fully sprinklered.

All exits must have illuminated exit signs.  Classes A and B must have emergency backup exit signs.

All Class A stores must have a manual fire alarm system.

Generally, any large store is required to be sprinklered.

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