How Kolb's File transfer service works

You wish to send an electronic file (picture, text file, Word processing file, spreadsheet, etc) to another user on the Internet.

Your Computer
Using your computer select the file you wish to send.
Send file and email  Send file and email  Send file and email  Send file and email Kolbs web site
Your file will be stored
on Kolb's web site.  An automatic email
will be forwarded to the destination
email you specified.
Send email  Send email  Send email  Send email Destination of email
The user you specified
will receive your email
with a hotlink to the file.
The recipient of you email
Clicking on the hotlink in the email message
will make a connection to Kolb's web site
where the file is stored.
Connect to files  Connect to files  Connect to files  Connect to files Kolbs web site
A connection to download
the file has been made.
Right click on the filename to
download it to your computer.
Kolbs web site
The website will forward the file
to the receivers computer.
Sending file  Sending file  Sending file  Sending file Receivers computer
The file will be downloaded to your computer.

If you have any questions about this service please send them to  Kolb's Website.

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