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Model Codes

Most jurisdictions utilize nationally recognized codes which have been developed by committees representing many interest groups and people concerned with these codes.

Model codes available for adoption have been written by several national organizations:

  1. American Insurance Association (AIA)
    Produces the AIA Fire Prevention Code, designed to enhance the AIA National Building Code.
  2. Building Officials and Code Administrators International(BOCA)
    Produces the Basic Fire Prevention Code, designed to enhance the Basic Building Code.
  3. International Conference of Building Officials (ICBO)
    Produces the Uniform Fire Code, designed to enhance the Uniform Building Code.
  4. National Fire Protection Association (NFPA)
    Produces numerous standards available for adoption.  Among them, the Fire Prevention Code, NFPA 1.
  5. Southern Building Code Congress International (SBCCI)
    Produces a code focused primarily on problems found in north-eastern and south central part of U.S.

New York is governed under the "New York State Uniform Fire Prevention and Building Code."  Adopted January 1, 1984.

A jurisdiction may adopt a model code or write a fire prevention code if its own.  Many adopt a model code and then write additional ordinances to address problems unique to their locale.

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