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Fire Prevention Organization

Effective fire prevention depends upon a personnel network dedicated to enforcing fire codes, educating the general public and investigating fire causes. This network may be comprised of:

State Fire Marshal: Most states have a state fire marshal charged by law with the responsibility for the administration and enforcement of state laws relating to safety, life, and property protection from fire.

New York uses a State Fire Administrator: New York State does not have a Fire Marshal.

Chief of Fire Prevention or Local Fire Marshal: This person has authority and responsibility of fire prevention on a local (city, county, town) level.

Fire Protection Engineer (Not recognized in New York State): Contributes a high level of technical expertise and abilities to the plans review process, interpretations, consultations, and preparation of recommendations for a broad range of fire protection problems. A Fire Protection Engineer must possess a Bachelor's degree in Engineering or Engineering Technology.

Fire Protection Specialist (Recognized in New York State):

Plans Review Specialist: Examines site plans, building and fire protection plans and specifications, and may prepare recommendations in building construction, remodeling, or renovations.

Code Enforcement Officer


Fire Prevention Education Officer

Fire Investigators

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