Hosed – Episode 1: A satirical look at volunteer firefighters.


A comedy series about a volunteer fire department in Effingwoods NH. In this episode Ben (Juston McKinney) and Smitty (Gary Valentine) respond to a fire call. This episode co-stars Lenny Clarke (Rescue Me).

The credits thank the Newfields Volunteer Fire Department.



Hosed – Episode 2:




Hosed – Episode 3:




Hosed – Episode 4:


Here’s the description of the latest installment from the Effingwoods VFD:

Paula formerly known as Paul before the sex change operation returns to the firehouse and has to try harder than ever to fit in with the Guys. Smitty and Ben get reprimanded by Sammy for their recent behavior on a fire call and Smitty continues to plead his case on why they should all be getting paid to be heroes.


Fire Line

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