IAFF Calls for Safety Stand Down for Ebola Preparedness


International Association of Fire Fighters General President Harold Schaitberger calls for safety stand down for ebola preparedness.

IAFF Ebola Preparedness Round Table

Ebola Task Force

The IAFC has formed an Ebola Task Force to provide guidance for the health and safety of fire fighters, EMT's and responders and patients in response to the recent diagnoses of several Ebola patients in the United States. The task force will be chaired by IAFC 2nd Vice President Chief John Sinclair and will include members and leadership from the Safety, Health & Survival Section-of the IAFC.

The IAFC’s Ebola Task Force will review the management of Ebola patients from the time an emergency call is placed until the patient is confirmed as either having or not having Ebola. The task force will review several important issues with short- and long-term implications, including:

.. Screening 9-1-1 calls for potential Ebola patients

.. Proper PPE

.. Training for PPE donning/doffing procedures

.. Decontamination practices

.. Definition of exposure

.. Quarantining employees who provide care for potential Ebola patients

.. Other issues as they arise

Fire and EMS personnel should understand that this is an evolving and dynamic process; current best practices will evolve as new information is received. The task force will be meeting with the experts and will continue to educate and inform the fire service.

Visit the below links for additional info:
IAFC EMS Section Resources: Ebola Virus


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