NFPA: Cardiac Issues Claimed Majority of Firefighters in 2014

The report states that fireground deaths in 2014 were the second lowest since 1977. This arson fire claimed the lives of two firefighters in Toledo.
(Photo credit: AP Photo/The Blade, Jetta Carter)

More than half of the 64 firefighters who died last year were victims of sudden cardiac events, the highest number since 2008.

“Firefighter death rates have declined overall in recent years, with 2014 the sixth consecutive year that the total number of deaths was below 100,” Dr. Rita Fahy, NFPA’s manager of fire databases and systems, said in a prepared statement.

She released and discussed the annual report during a session at the NFPA’s annual conference in Chicago.

Seven firefighters were killed in crashes last year, the second lowest number in the past 30 years. And, none were driving personal vehicles.

Of those who died: