Plumis / Automatic Fire-Extinguishing Systems

Cost effective home fire sprinkler alternative with innovative watermist technology.

Dwelling protection:

Automist Smartscan has a rotating head that directly targets fires with a powerful jet of water mist. It has been proven to achieve the same performance as residential sprinkler systems, & uses 90% less water resulting in minimal water damage to the living space. Automist Smartscan was tested by independent third parties against BS 9252 & BS 8458. Whether the fire was near, far, shielded or ventilated, it passed the same performance tests that are applied to both conventional sprinklers & watermist sprinklers.

More details about the dwelling protection system:

Plumis, Ltd, a UK based company, has introduced their Automist sprinkler system. While traditional fire sprinkler systems require large scale installations and large amounts of water, the Automist system uses water mist fire suppression technology to suppress fires with a fraction of the water usage. Because the system can run off of residential water volume and pressure, it is easily added to new construction projects, or retrofitted to existing structures that cannot undergo a traditional sprinkler installation.

Kitchen area only protection:

A breakthrough in home safety - an automatic fire extinguisher ideal for kitchens that controls residential fires.

Automist is an award-winning safety device which mounts discreetly underneath a standard kitchen tap. It utilises "water-mist" technology which is already widely used in ships and factories. Water-mist is ideal for the kitchen and is an effective suppressant on both electrical and chip pan fires. By targeting the kitchen, Automist addresses over half of all domestic fires, and allows complete coverage of small bedsit and studio apartments.

If a kitchen fire starts the system is triggered automatically by a wireless heat detector. It can also be activated by pushing a button. This starts an under-sink pump which drives mains water through the unique nozzle unit, quickly filling the kitchen with dense fog, suppressing the blaze. Independent fire testing has demonstrated that the system can improve survivability by reducing both heat and exposure to toxic gases.

A PORTABLE system for unique situations:

Plumis present the Automist® Personal Protection System to York City Fire Brigade. Automist PPS is a portable version of the Automist system with an integrated water tank, cell phone autodialed and battery back-up system created for Fire Department & Prevention personnel.

Check put the Plumis web site.

Thanks to BillyG for this information.

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