Problems with many 9-1-1 systems

Take a minute to please watch this video. While the 15 minute program may be considered by some as a little NSFW, it hits numerous accurate home runs related to the problems with many 9-1-1 systems, dispatch systems and the failures to adequately staff, train, fund and support so many of them.

Be sure to watch the last few minutes (at 13:45) with the kids in the firehouse....seriously.

Watch The Video

But Wait. The above video doesn't apply to your dispatch system? Excellent.

Now, take a look at your call answering and alarm processing time-that is, from the time 9-1-1 is dialed/answered until the time the first alarm assignment is transmitted. Think about...
-Call taker answering/processing the call...
(How "fire" and "EMS" friendly is their CAD system...)
-Call taker sends the call to dispatch...
-Dispatcher has the call...
-Dispatcher processes the call...
-How long does that take?
-How many questions do you think need to be asked by call takers before companies are dispatched?
How long do you want it to take if it were your house on fire?

Use caution when relying on CAD printouts to get your data as they may only be as good as the person entering the times. Some have found that more factual data is determined by listening to the "raw" audio tapes in the dispatch center ...and then using the times on the recording system based upon radio transmissions.

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