Firefighters Radio Program

In the 1940's and early 1950, there was a very popular "gather 'round the radio with your family" program called "Firefighters"

The Firefighters radio program had a total of 140 fifteen-minute episodes that aired on early primetime WCPO radio during the late 1940's and ended in 1950.

As you will soon hear, it was a first class radio production heard across the country that was syndicated in over 225 markets in the United States and Canada... and it outranked national network radio shows like Lone Ranger and Sky King in its region.

"Firefighters" dramatized actual case histories of real Fire Departments. It is authentic in every detail, from Fire Department "welcoming" of new members to the ranks, to responses to the "latest" firefighting techniques and equipment.

During its run, the "Firefighters" show followed the heroic adventures of the rookie Firefighter, Tim Collins, who completed firefighter training after returning from World War II. Each episode focused on a particular fire emergency that Tim and his fellow firefighters had to face. At the end of each episode the character, Fire Chief Bob Cody spoke to listeners directly about fire safety.

Thanks to the Cincinnati Fire Museum (a beautiful museum well worth a visit) here is a link to all 140 of the 15 minute episodes, all for your listening enjoyment.

Listen Here

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