Free Scenario-Based Interactive Training for Cardiovascular Health

Passed along by Billy G.

Sudden cardiac events is a leading cause of line-of-duty deaths and early disabilities in the fire service. With the funding from AFG and in partnership with FDNY, Chicago FD, Los Angeles County FD, Houston FD, and Bloomington (Minnesota) FD, as well as the subject matter experts from Skidmore College and Illinois Fire Service Institute, NYU Fire Research Group developed a new scenario-based interactive training for improving cardiovascular health.

This training educates firefighters on the physiological impacts of firefighting, focuses on factors that predispose firefighters to a high risk for injury and cardiac death, how firefighting may serve as a trigger for cardiac events, and strategies and techniques that are effective in reducing cardiovascular strain.

This training module as a part of ALIVE (Advanced Learning through Interactive Visual Environments) developed by NYU researchers has already launched three modules:

This training is free for all firefighters and fire departments. Firefighters can access these training modules by visiting ALIVE Training for Science of Modern Fire Dynamics or downloading the iOS/Android apps on mobile devices. Fire departments interested in offering ALIVE training to their members can register by emailing the NYU Fire Research Group at Send Mail

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