Fire Service Organizational Culture of Safety (FOCUS)

FDSOA and the Center for Firefighter Injury Research & Safety Trends (FIRST) at Drexel University have partnered to help you FOCUS on your safety culture. The Fire Service Organizational Culture of Safety (FOCUS) survey is the first safety culture tool developed specifically for the fire service. It will provide your fire department with objective data to assess your safety culture.
FOCUS is a validated and reliable tool that allows an in-depth look into your department's safety culture and its effect on job satisfaction/moral, engagement, and burnout in your department. To date the FOCUS survey has been administered in over 400 fire departments....and it is now open for YOUR department.
They are NOW enrolling up to 1,000 fire departments -- career and volunteer -- interested in administering the FOCUS survey on a first-come, first-served basis at no cost. Participating departments will receive:
  • Customized data showing your safety culture at department and station levels
  • A comparative analysis of your safety culture to similar participating departments
  • Objective evidence to inform safety related policy decisions
  • Eligibility to send two members to FOCUS Culture Camp: a two-day intensive training on safety culture, the FOCUS survey, and how to interpret your results

Free Scenario-Based Interactive Training Opportunity
  • The first module presents a wildland fire behavior review followed by training on formulating your incident size-up and delivering a report on conditions.
  • The second module presents training on development of the incident action plan, staffing considerations and delivery of the operational safety briefing.
  • The third module is a series of interactive wildfire scenarios.
This training is created using a learning methodology called ALIVE developed by NYU researchers collaboration with fire departments from New York, Chicago, and Bloomington (MN)
All training modules are free for all Firefighters and fire departments. Firefighters can access these (and other) training modules by visiting this link.

Fire Line

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