Wood Truss test Burn / This video was created to help show firefighters the dangers of wood truss roof assemblies when they are exposed to fire. The video contains excerpts of tests burns that were conducted on a wood truss assembly and also a wood "stick built" roof assembly. The test burns were not scientific and are not intended to discredit trusses; they were conducted simply to help educate the fire service of the dangers that trusses pose if they are exposed to fire. Trusses have many good features. The issue the fire service needs to be keenly aware of is that they fail quickly when exposed to a fire. Granted most building codes provide a good degree of protection for trusses. But the problem arises when the fire either originates in the truss space or, somehow, extends into it, thus exposing the truss to fire. And then, as Francis Brannigan so accurately stated, "Gravity Always Wins"
SOUTHTOWNE LANES Bowling Alley FIRE (HD CLOSE-UP) Watch Roof Collapse! Eugene BURNS Total Loss
Hackensack Ford Fire 1988 / This is a documentary done by an undetermined TV station reviewing the incident. The tape is a copy of a copy, and probably several generations more, so the quality isn't very good.
Bowstring Truss Roofs / Training Minutes: Paul Dansbach discusses the dangers of bowstring truss roofs with Deputy Chief Steve Kalman of the Hackensack (NJ) Fire Department, as well as steps the department took to identify these roofs after the deadly 1988 Ford fire in Hackensack.
Fire Engineering SIm 6 22 15 / Working Fire in the bowstring truss storage area of an auto parts store, what are your initial attack thoughts, apparatus placement, water supply, life safety thoughts, issues, etc.
Bowstring Truss Roof Construction Hazards / Some HISTORIC Bowstring Fires That Killed Firefighters
“Time to Take A Short Break” / From the archives of Ken Menke.
Ch60 Automobile Fires, Wrecks 7 Rescues, Circa 1930

Fire Line

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