Explosion in downtown Los Angeles

Good news on that fire and explosion that injured 12 Firefighters last weekend at the Smoke Tokes wholesaler in downtown Los Angeles. 11 Firefighters were injured seriously enough to be hospitalized, but as of last night, LAFD Chief Ralph Terrazas says just one is still in the hospital - and is in stable condition and beginning his recovery.
HERE is an excellent video update from Chief Terrazas who provides an overview-including radio traffic from the scene and the mayday call-of the fire/explosion last Saturday.

A GoFundMe page organized to help the most seriously injured, Captain Victor Aguirre, has reached more than $130,000 of a $150,000 goal:
The GoFundMe page

Attached is the "Blue Sheet" from the LAFD. It is an "official" document that summarizes what they know so far about the May 16th fire and explosion.. This report is prepared and distributed within 72 hours following the initiation of a Serious Incident Review Team to investigate a serious incident. Information contained herein is subject to revision as further investigation is conducted and additional information is developed.
DOWNLOAD Blue Sheet here

Fire Line

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