Caution if you encounter a 2010 Prius with a solar panel option on the roof.

The solar panel creates approx 27v of electric during the day light, even if there is very little sunlight or a cloudy day.

That electical current is routed from the solar panel on the roof down through the C PILLAR in the same harness as the Air Bag wiring.

After shutting down the 12v ('READY' indicator) the 27volts created by the solar panel is still LIVE traveling down through the harness in the C PILLAR as long as sun light is hitting the solar panel.

Be aware, that if you were to cut through the C PILLAR in an attempt to remove the roof, there's an arc potential there to be concerned with which could very well jump accross or short out the Air Bag wiring thus deploying the Air Bags.

There are 2 solutions to this issue:

  1. Cover the roof solar panel with a blanket or tarp folded in half to prevent all light from entering the solar panel.
  2. Remove the inner headliner material just above the rear driver side seat position.  Look up, locate and then disconnect or cut either the 'red or blue' wire you see there.

Once either of those procedures are done you will have shut down all electrical flow in the C PILLAR instantly.

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