Vehicle fire surprise.  If possible check for victims

WHEN THE RICHFIELD, MINNESOTA, FIREFIGHTERS FROM Sta. 1 responded to an auto fire Sunday night, they had a little “surprise.”  Arriving on the scene they found a car pretty well involved in the rear and filled with thick smoke.  When the officer shined his light into the passenger area, he couldn’t see anybody.  But moments later another FF briefly spotted somebody in the driver’s seat enveloped in the heavy smoke as the fire was entering the rear section.

The crew related their experience and how they managed to rescue the unconscious woman who was trapped inside to a news crew from KMSP-TV Ch. 9 Minneapolis:

This story serves as a good reminder to everybody that it isn’t always “just an auto fire.”  One of Richfield’s chief officers passes along this additional tip: One thing the first officer on scene stated was that had he flowed water we would have burned the woman.  You just assume that everyone is out of the vehicle, might be a good reminder to tell people to ask questions first and flow water second.
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