Firefighter One Course / Class 58
Monroe Community College
Public Safety Training Facility
1190 Scottsville Road
Rochester, New York 14624

Congratulations on your completion of this course and another achievement on the ever upward ladder of life.  I would like to thank all of you for allowing me to photograph your accomplishments, mistakes and achievements depicting your progress at the beginning of your firefighting career.

Here's hoping that you all have a long, successful, healthy, and rewarding career.  As you progress along your firefighting path in life, be careful, be safe, stay alert and always remember
 Expect the Unexpected.

Thanks again and good luck to all,
Ted R. Kolb
Past Deputy Chief

A look at how these Firefighters progressed through their classes
This link has a long loading time. There are 401 photos
Videos of the Fire Recruit Class 58 in action
Working on a Class Photo Graduation Night  The end of a long course.
Receiving a well earned Certificate Remember   Expect the Unexpected.
It may save your life someday.

Fire Line

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