Truss System Failures

A new trend in construction is making battling fires more dangerous.  Lightweight materials Burn faster.
View this information about the new construction trend.
Compare old and new building construction
Wood truss test burn
Structural Stability of Engineered Lumber in Fire Conditions
UL University  A 5 Module information and learning tool
NIOSH ALERT / Preventing Injuries and Deaths of Firefighters due to Truss System Failures.
View this report in PDF format.
Wood Truss Awareness Guide
View this truss info guide in PDF format.
Video  of the Phoenix Fire Department where 3 firefighters fell through the roof.
Firefighter survival story lessions learned from 1989.  A 10 minute video.
What firefighters should know about Truss Systems.  (This is My Power Point Presentation.)
Truss System Failures
Truss ID markings and the NY law   (This is a Power Point Presentation.)
This presentation from the Dutchess Community College.
Heavy Timber Wood-Truss Roof
A good look at heavy timber and what could go wrong

Fire Line

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