Signaling Systems

Table of Contents

There are six basic types of signaling systems

Local System

Auxiliary System

Remote Station System

Central Station System

Proprietary System

Fire Detection

Heat Detectors

Thermaly Sensitive Alarm Initiation Devices

Smoke Detectors / Location/Maintenance

Flame Detectors / Smoke Detectors

Invisible Products-of-Compustion Ionization chamber

Manually Operated Alarm Initiation device

Compination Telegraph / Telephone Alarm Box

Wired Telegraph Circuit Box

Wet System

Waterflow Detector

Waterflow Alarm Operation

Types of Valves

Types of control Valves

Control Valve Location

Siamese Connection


Percent of Activation

Parts of a Sprinkler Head

Sprinkler Designs

Releasing Mechanisms

Gravity Tank Pressure Requirements

Sprinkler Head Storage

Complete vs Partial Coverage


Residential Sprinkler video

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