Examination of LODD Deaths in FDNY Over the Past 20 Years


Each of the FDNY's line-of-duty deaths over the past 20 years involved a unique person and unique circumstances. But according to investigations by the FDNY and the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, common contributing factors link many of the incidents.

City Limits obtained FDNY investigation reports on 25 of the 1991-2011 deaths and NIOSH findings on 21 of the deaths during that span, including eight fatalities not covered by the documents that FDNY provided in response to our freedom of information requests.)

The FDNY has moved to address some of these factors. Other problems have proved more difficult to solve. And some, of course, might be inseparable from the risky work of fighting fires and saving fire victims.

Some of the factors include: Getting lost, falling down; running out of air; when buildings fail; water and staffing.

Read a deeper examination of the factors and lessons learned here When Fire Wins: Causes of FDNY Deaths

More on: NIOSH reports, Building Construction / I-Joists and the fire department / Truss System Failures, Health & Safety
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