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Here is a listing of free firefighters training courses and information. If you would like to add to this list, just send me the link in an email & I will put it up. On the home page, top right side is an email link.

Kolb's Training Page This site.
Firefighter Training Podcast a production of Pete
The Art of Reading Smoke An overview of basic smoke reading concepts
The Art of Go/No Go: Fireground Decision Making Fire Engineering Webcast Brought to you by the Emergency Responder Safety Institute.
National Fire Academy online courses Courses are free to fire and emergency services personnel
FEMA Independent Study All classes are offered free-of-charge to those who qualify for enrollment.
The National Wildfire Coordinating Group training supports position performance for personnel mobilized to wildland fires and other all-hazard incidents.
OSH Academy a division of Geigle Safety Group, Inc.
FIREHOUSE Operations and Training.
Residential Attic and Exterior Fire Hazards Fire Safety Research Institute.
OSHA Bloodborne Pathogen Training February 2014 OSHA Training.
High Voltage Vehicle Firefighting Ttactics and operational considerations for hybrid and electric vehicle firefighting.
SCBA Bootcamp: A Firefighters Servival School FireEngineering.
Monitoring and Hydration in Firefighter Rehab FireEngineering.
Preventing Cancer in the Fire Service FireEngineering.
The "evil twins" HCN and CO2 FireRescue Mag.
Fire Ventilation and Flow Path Control FireEngineering.
Dräger Webinar: Unmasking The Threat of HCN and CO USADraeger.
"Highway Safety and Survival" LEXIPOL.
Eight-Minute Extrication Training Firefighters Support Foundation.
Crossramming How to use a power hydraulic ram to expand crumpled vehicle compartments.
Coordinated Fire Attack: Single Family Residential Structures
The Vision 20/20 Project. Coronavirus Shared Resource Library
Everyone Goes Home National Fallen Firefighters Foundation
FireServiceSLT: Safety, Leadership and Training
Occupational Safety and Health Administration
FireFighting Links
National Fire Academy Online Courses
Emergency Management Institute Online Courses
Fire Service Online & Classroom Training - Everyone Goes Home
Vision 20/20
NFPA - Training and Certification
Free Online Training - My Firefighter Nation
Fire Rescue 1
Firefighter Training & Education Resources - Fire Engineering
Bound Tree Online University - EMS Training/CEUs
Fire Prevention Plan OSHAcademy free online training
IAFF provides essential Covid-19 information, training and resource lists
Infectious Agents Exposure Reduction Training for First Responders
Free COVID-19 Policies / Courses and Training Tools
7 firefighter training drills not found in books
COVID19 Webinar Series 5/6/20: Disinfectants & Preserving PPE
Training Minutes: OV Firefighter and Size-Up (Fire Engineering)

Thanks to Traditions Training, the program is now available for you to watch. This is definitely "today's drill" and you'll need 1.5 hours to watch

LODD Report

Firefighters fall into Basement Carr Incident After Action Review
Podcast: Main Street Firefighting: Fires in Houses of Worship
Man vs Machinery Incidents: Are You Prepared?
Machinery/equipment entrapments occur every day across this country. They can range from a child's finger caught in a lock tumbler to a worker trapped within the rollers of a printing press. As first responders, we are tasked with disentangling the victim. This class covers a variety of entrapment situations that can occur. Students learn how to operate at these incidents from scene size-up through the disentanglement. Lock-out/tag-out, equipment options, medical considerations, and actual incidents are discussed.

Fire Line

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