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My Resume 58 years in the work force

Kolb's 2020 year

Miscellaneous 2020 happinings
I add to these photos all year.
Julie's 50th & Stacy's BD Party A Sunday at Letchworth State Park
CFD 1960ish photos Sept. Exempt Clubs Chicken BBQ Day trip to Old Fort Niagara

Kolb's 2019 year

Miscellaneous 2019 happinings
I add to these photos all year.
Exempts Spring Banquet at the Brook House Exempts Club May Chicken BBQ
Kevin's promotion to Battalion Chief
at the Rochester Fire Department.

Kolb's 2018 year

Miscellaneous 2018 happinings
I add to these photos all year.
Poly Sue's back operation Exempts Spring Banquet at the Brook House
Exempt Club Boat cruse on
the Canandaigua Lake 06/23/18
Ninapalooza 2018

Kolb's 2017 year

Kolb's 2016 year

Kolb's 2015 year

Kolb's 2014 year

Firefighter of the year 2013-2014
Chili Fire Dept. Rochester, NY
Macey - RIP
Macey 2002 to 2014 A Tribute to Macey

Kolb's 2013 year

Cuffs - RIP
Cuffs 2001 to 2013 A Tribute to Cuffs, my best friend

Kolb's 2012 year

Ted's Cell Phone Photos
Marie's cell phone photos
Cell Phone Camera Awesome Photos
2012 Fire Rescue East Convention
I flew down this year
Granddogs this year 2012 Miscellaneous 2012 happinings
Julie's Birthday Cake Helping Julie's stay warm Easter at Kevin's House
The 2012 Fire Department Instructors
Conference (FDIC)
Family wedding in Lake Placed, NY Lake Placed, NY vacation
Building Julie's Gazebo Marie's Yankee Birthday Announcement 2012 Fire Rescue International
Denver, CO
2012 Empire Farm Days Jack's favorite pastime - Play Ball Jack playing ball in my front yard
Birthday weekend for Marie
in New York City
Marie's Insider Yankee experience
& a Yankee ball Game (BD Present from Tig)
Matthew's 6th Birthday Party
Marie'e supprise Birthday Party Cameron's 2nd Birthday Party Halloween with the Grand Kids
Sales and Supplier Showcase.

Green Bay, Wisconson
Thanksgiving at Julies house Kolb's 2012 Christmas

Kolb's 2011 year

2011 Fire Rescue East Convention
& our Road Trip to Daytona Beach
Granddogs this year 2011 Miscellaneous 2011 happinings
Julie's Birthday Dinner The 2011 Fire Department Instructors
Conference (FDIC)
Jan's Retirement Party
Anual FD Easter egg hunt Easter at Kevin's House Julie's fallen tree
Struck by lightning
Our 2011 Alaskan
Inside Passage Disney Cruise
2011 Fire Expo at Harrisburg, PA NYSAFC Fire 2011
Turning Stone Casino  Verona, NY
Fire/Rescue New England 2011
Springfield, MA
4th of July at Tommy's house 2011 Reichhart’s annual get together
Matthew and Cameron
at a Labor Day Party
2011 Fire Rescue International
Atlanta, GA
Matthew's 5th Birthday Party
at the Chili FD
Cameron's 1st Birthday Party A 911 Display at the Rochester M&SC 2011 Halloween
2011 Thanskgiving Christmas Tree Hunt Kids Xmas Party at the fire house.
Christmas with the Kolbs

Kolb's 2010 year

Fire Rescue East Convention
& our Road Trip to Datona Beach
Tig's birthday dinner Easter at Kevins house
Granddogs this year 2010 The 2010 Fire Department Instructors Conference (FDIC) Mother's Day
Miscellaneous 2010 happinings 2010 Fire Expo at Harrisburg, PA NYSAFC Fire 2010
Turning Stone Casino  Verona, NY
Fire/Rescue New England 2010
Springfield, MA
4th of July at Tommy's house Clifton's 75 Annv. Parade
Empire Farm Days
Seneca Falls, NY
2010 Fire Rescue International
McCormick Place Chicaco
Julie's Labor Day Party
My Birthday dinner Camerion arrives The christening of 4310 & the
dedication of the JK Steeves plaque
Steve Buble's Wedding Re's 50 High School Reunion Matthew's 4th. Birthday
Association of Fire Districts
of the State of NY Convention
Halloween evening at Kevin's house Christine's Wedding
Thanskgiving at Kevins house Kevins Birthhday Edgerton Rec. Center
Model Trains
Grand Kids Granddogs & Santa Kolbs Christmas New Years Eve at Keven's house

Kolb's 2009 year

Kolb's 2008 year

Disney World
Disney Epcot 2008
The Kennedy Space Center 2008

New Granddog Fire Rescue East
Conference & Exposition
held in Jacksonville, FL
Sharpen Your Edge
Manufacturing & Sales
Supplier Showcase.
Our road trip to & from Florda. Our visit to the
Kennedy Space Center

Day 1
Our visit to the
Kennedy Space Center

Day 2
SeaWorld Adventure Park
Orlando, FL / Video
Bush Gardens Africa
Tampa Bay, FL
Disney's Epcot
Orlando, FL. / Video
Disney's Magic Kingdom
Orlando, FL.
Disney's Animal Kingdom
Orlando, FL.
FDIC 2008
Fire Department Instructors Conference.  Indianapolis, IN
2008 Fire Expo
Harrisburg, PA
Memorial Day Picnic
at Julie's house.
Fire 2008
(Fire Industry, Rescue, & EMS Expo)
held at Lake George NY.
2008 Empire Farm Day's
Seneca Falls, New York.
Fire Rescue International 2008
Held in Denver Colorado
Annual Smoke, Flames & Courage held
at Charlotte Harbour, Rochester, NY.
Matt's second birthday Matt at Gro-Moore Farms
in Henrietta NY for some
halloween fun.
Matt's Halloween Party
& trip for candy.
Our Granddogs through 2008 A November evening with Matt Kevin's 40th birthday party
A look at Jack's jumping class Kolb's 2008 Christmas Lead Page for Fire Recruit Class 58

Kolb's 2007 year

Tour Alaska
A great Alaska flight.
Traveling Alaska our 2007 vacation

Julie's 2007 Birthday Easter at Julie's house Grandma feeding Matt
My vendor experience at the
Fire Department Instructors Conference (FDIC)
Fire Expo 2007 at
Lancaster County Pa.
a once in a lifetime
Gettysburg Pennsylvania
& the National Military Park
Atlanta, Georgia & the
Fire Rescue International 2007
A visit toNiagara Falls
for Marie's birthday.
A visit to the Berkshires and
the Norman Rockwell Museum.
The Association of Fire Districts NYS
Education Conference & Vendor Expo.
Cuffs and Macey's
Birthday Party
at Julie and Jan's houses.
A few photos of the Granddogs Julie's dog's web sites
Cuffs       Macey
Christmas with
Julie & friends
An after Christmas party
at Dot's house.
Some 2007 photos of Matt
A fire on Powers Lane in Chili, NY Matt's 2007 Birthday Party

Kolb's 2006 year

Ted & Marie's 40th Wedding Anniversary
Ted & Marie's 40th. Through those 40 years.

Kolb's 2005 year

Kolb's 2004 year

Kolb's 2003 year

Kolb's 2001 year

Kolb's 2000 year

Niagara Falls, NY Photos taken the summer of 2000
click on any image to see a larger view.
Erie Canal locks 34-35 at Lockport NY

Kolb's 1999 year

Kolb's Home Page

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