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Happy New Year
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Fire Prevention and Inspection Course.

Protecting Those That Protect You:
Cancer Prevention at the Lakeland Fire Department
(14:05 min.)

Cancer Awareness & Prevention

Yorktown Fire Department
Lip Sync Challenge

We Succeed or Fail Together

A New Day In The Firehouse

Free Scenario-Based Interactive Training
for Cardiovascular Health

Back From the Brink

Firefighter Cancer Risks

Cincinnati PPE Decon

Boston Tower Ladder Collapses During Fire

More firefighters died by suicide
than in the line of duty in 2017

Personal Fireground Decontamination

65 percent of firefighters
are haunted by memories

Glenn Preston's Story

Firefighters absorb toxic chemical
via skin

Links removed from this page,
are still with us.


To NYS Fire Departments        To Teaching and Training Courses

Christmas Safety

Have a Happy New Year

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CANCER and Firefighting
What we need to do

Marie and Ted's personal photo section.
Marie and Ted's personal video section.

Safety & Health related information and links.

A collection of information in Chart format.

Connect to a WWW Search Engine

Traffic Conditions & Road Reports

E n t e r t a i n m e n t
Test your reflexes

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