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2010 Memorial Highlights
Updated 2010 services well worth viewing
RIP all LODD's

2010 Firefighter Fatalities & Statistics


Glen Woodbury Shares Lessons Learned
Future Emergency Management Trends


New Resuscitation Techniques Arizonia.
Update 01/04/11 also New York

What Health Risks do Fire Extinguishers Pose
to Health-Care Facilities?


Study:  New device beats normal CPR in trial


4 Phoenix firefighters commit suicide in 7 months

NIST Study on Charleston Furniture Store


Sudden cardiac arrest is biggest
threat for firefighters


Frequent Fliers Misuse Ambulances

Preparing for Weapons of Mass Destruction
Attack and Response


New CPR Guidelines
Stress Chest Compressions


Experts Reconsider Elevator
as Fire Escape

Firefighters in Queens
Won’t Rush to All Calls


Cyber Clash: Your Blackberry,
the Law and Homeland Security


Motorola unveils first radio
designed for firefighters

Arson: The Overlooked Threat
to Homeland Security


Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill Prompts
Debate on NIMS, Unified Response


Louisiana Manages Oil Spill Queries
With CoTweet

CA explosion highlights hazards
firefighters can face


Aging gas pipes at risk of explosion nationwide



Fire departments must change or face extinction


Public trust in fire service 'fragile'


Pink fire trucks roll through Illinois

PPE basics:
What's your excuse for not wearing it?

Are we lazy, complacent, or maybe just stupid


Fire chief calls most smoke alarms
in homes useless


Firefighters test locator
technology prototypes in Mass.

Evolving Technologies Promise to Deliver
Vital Safety Information for First Responders


The latest update on
The Next Generation of SCBA


Study: Hands-only CPR
pushy dispatchers are lifesavers

Thorny Issues Examined
Fire Service Law Update


Firefighters to get help during tragedies


Stored digitial info. files and who owns them?
Public Safety Personnel Recording Operations
Trends in mapping for emergency managers

Learning Lessons From What Went Wrong
Disasters teach more than successes.
Good reasons to critique your next evolution
that goes wrong.


Check out the futuristic
MSA Gallet fire helmet


Monroe County to Deploy
Public Safety Radio System

Albany, NY, New firefighter bill proposed


Are the problems associated with the 911
system taking a national plight?

Check out our previous coverage of 911.


Good News
Here is the Full Report for FF Fatalities
during 2009 by the NFPA

BP Fire Video from the Firefighting Boat


The Fire Service Resource Guide
A quick reference on topics of importance
to the fire and emergency services.


NIST Report
Residential Fireground Field Experiments

Update May 2010 on the new pack
The new SCBA showen at FDIC 2010


Busy Fire Departments Cope
With Fewer Volunteers


Brothers On Holy Ground
A tribute to the FDNY during and after 911
This is a 45min. video
Removed due to a copyright claim

Code Rule 800.7 NYS
Emergency Escape & Self Rescue Ropes
& System Components for FF


Fact 03/2010
There are 1,148,850 firefighters in the U.S.
almost 3 of every 4 is a volunteer firefighter.


NYPD releases new
World Trade Center 9/11 aerials

A frightening look at the 911 system in the US.


Solar tiles for solar enegry   Now, how do we identify a Solar energy system?


Anxious Victim Fractures Firefighter’s Back

Pennsylvania Takes The Lead
Updated 05/15/11


We Danced With The Devil:
One Firefighter’s Cancer Chronicles


A PPE message for SAFETY
Your Life Safety

Vehicle fire surprise


2010 Prius with solar panel option on the roof


Special Report - SCBA Facepiece Degradation
Click NO to the Resume Course question.

F.D.N.Y. Close Up
Get a look inside the FDNY
with this video series.


December car parking



Gas explosion fire 11/25/09 Bushnell, Il.


Sponsor your local Fire Department
with a pet oxygen mask:


FACTS     In an average lifetime:
Home fires your household can expect =5
Chances that someone in your household
will suffer a fire injury =1 in 10
Home cooking fires your household
can expect =3

Key dates in fire history (1631 - 2004)
Find them in the Chart Section




Video's of the
National Fallen Firefighters Foundation

Old time fire videos


The latest development in enginered I-Joists.
Think of the possibilities here.


Chemtrec - what is it?  /  Video Highlights

Addition of a new section
Fire Truck Crashes Videos
Will reside in the Training Section.


Another reason to wear your SCBA
Dangerous drywall imports from China


A new addition to the training section
Photovoltaics Systems

Revised and updated "Truss System"
The Truss System PowerPoint
presentation has been updated.


Another hazard for Firefighters
A new way to commit suicide.


Flaws in firefighters last line of defense We first posted this information on 10/14/07
in the Fire Reports section of this web site.
Courtesy of

New addition in the Training Section.
I-Joists and the fire department
Very dangerous for Firefighters.

Emergency Response Guides
for hybrid and alternative fueled vehicles


A field guide for the Fire Service.
HV Shut Down Procedures for Hybrid Vehicles.

Responding to Hybrid Vehicle Incidents
Quick Reference Guide


Information about
Alternative Fueled Vehicle Crashes


Disturbing video of children
sleeping through smoke alarms

Essentials of Firefighting and Emergency Response
Photo / Video collection from the Firefighter One
course.  Class 58 from Rochester, NY
High Visibility Vest
takes effect November 24, 2008
Read the FF Modification to Vest Rule.
The new
2008 Emergency Response Guidebook

View the NFPA 1901
Standards for fire apparatus
that will be updated, effective January 1, 2009.
New air pack could save lives.
The DeWitt fire department is the first in the country to get a look at a new air pack
Bad 911 calls
We all have had to deal with these types of calls, and we all wonder how do people get so off track.

New vests help firefighters beat the heat
The problems associated with the new
firefighters digital radio systems

A few articles on the subject.
Rules for Dog Owners...

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